Our Process

Step 1: We Follow Your Vision

First, we listen. To build a home that works for you, we need to understand your ideas and vision: What have you always wanted in a home? Your concepts, tastes and comforts will serve as our guide.

Step 2: We Get to Know You

Michael will sit down with you and your family and get to know you. We want to know about your lifestyle. Do you enjoy reading or running, cooking gourmet meals or eating out, are you and parent who enjoys spending time with your children or are you a newlywed who enjoys spending time with your spouse.

Step 3: You Select the Plan

Together we'll meet, talk, review, and refine. Very soon, you'll have your initial plan, which we'll work on together to mold and remold until you're satisfied. Homes by Michael Ford is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Step 4: You Select the Details

A truly custom home allows you to choose all the details. You will select the flooring, tiles, colors and finishes that match your sense of home. Michael and his employees will be more than happy to advise you in your decisions if you are not sure what you want.

Step 5: We Execute the Plan

By this stage, your work is done and the Michael Ford Building Company is just getting started. You can relax in knowing that we are managing the many steps to building your home. Michael Ford Building Company has a passion for detail and a desire for excellence.

Step 6: Live in (and Love) Your Home of Distinction

When your home is ready, your new chapter begins; a chapter of pleasurable living and pride in ownership.

Step 7: The Future Unfolds

Michael Ford shares a passion for complete customer satisfaction, so we remain available to you for as long as you inhabit your home. Not only for warranty issues but help and advice on any topic about your home that you would like to discuss.